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Working through a divorce is a tough experience, emotions and situations are heightened, proving to be challenging for all parties included. When children are involved, divorce becomes even more difficult. At Brian Walker Law Firm PC, we are the Washougal, WA area’s leading family law firm. Our primary focus is to achieve the best outcome for all parties involved in your divorce, especially the children. We have built a solid reputation for winning cases and finding the best settlements.

We recommend seeking the services of a bar certified attorney who specializes in family law. When it comes to navigating the U.S. courts, having an attorney working with your best interests in mind provides a measure of peace through an emotional process. A legal expert will help you navigate the system and explain all options that are available to you regarding aspects of divorce. The family attorneys at Brian Walker Law Firm PC are ready to assist you through this process.

Divorce and Annulments

Annulment is the process whereby marriage is declared non-existent and struck from the records. Divorce is the termination of a legal and lawful marriage that was recognized by the law. By nature, a divorce is more complicated than an annulment. However, annulments are rarely granted.

There are no-fault, and fault divorces. No-Fault divorce allows the abeyance of lawful marriage, and neither party has to accept blame for the divorce. A fault divorce is granted because one spouse has reason and can verify acceptable justification for the split. The family law attorneys

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A fault divorce can be granted due to several reasons, the most common being:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Physical/emotional assault
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.

Child support

Child support is a prearranged amount of money that is paid monthly to the parent who has primary custody of the child. The amount of child support is based on each parent’s monthly income and factors in basic necessities like food, housing and clothing, health insurance medical care and educational costs. Focused on this financial evidence and the amount of time each parent gives the child, the court uses a formula to decide on child support.

Types of custody arrangements

Legal custody: The responsibility to make all decisions about raising the child. This can include education, religion, medical care, and discipline. When granted joint custody, parents share these privileges.

Physical custody: The opportunity of a parent to have a child with them. The court systems tend to award joint physical custody, however, the time-split is often different than 50/50.

Sole custody: Sole custody arrangements give one parent complete custody rights and allow the other only visitation rights.

Joint custody: This form of custody allows parents to share decision-making duties and coordinate their schedules.

Bird’s Nest custody: Bird’s Nest custody is when the children remain in one home and parents alternate in and out of the home, providing childcare.

Protective orders

If you are divorcing on the basis of physical or verbal abuse and mistreatment, you can shelter yourself and your children with safety and restraining orders from Brian Walker Law Firm PC. These orders keep you separated from the abuser in order to stay safe. Though a protective order can’t fully eliminate the likelihood that someone will stalk or hurt you, it will permit you to contact the police and have the abuser incarcerated should they breach the mandatory precedents of the order.

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