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When it comes to your family, you deserve the best legal representation. The family law attorneys at Brian Walker Law Firm, PC, can help you with a divorce, child custody, adoption and everything in between. These are some of the scenarios our attorney handles for family law cases in Stevenson, WA:

Child Custody

Child custody will always be decided based on the well-being of the child, and sometimes these decisions are quite difficult for parents to make.

The best of interest of a child is decided based on the subsequent circumstances:

  • The child’s age, gender, mental and physical well-being
  • Health of parents
  • Lifestyle and social factors
  • Love and emotional ties between parent and child
  • Parents’ ability to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care
  • Quality of schools in the area
  • Child’s preference if over age 12
  • Capability and willingness of parent to foster a good relationship between child and other parent
  • Environmental security
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Custody Arrangements

  • Legal custody: The right and responsibility to make choices about raising the child. This includes education, religion, medical care and discipline. When awarded joint legal custody, parents share these rights.
  • Physical custody: The right of a parent to have a child with him or her. Most courts order joint physical custody, though the time-split is often not the same as 50/50.
  • Sole Custody: Sole custody arrangements give one parent total custody privileges and permit the other only visitation rights.
  • Joint custody: This custody allows parents to synchronize their schedules and share decision-making privileges.
  • Bird’s nest custody: This occurs when the child stays in one home and parents interchange in and out of the home and take turns providing the child.

Child Support

Child support is a predetermined amount of money that is typically paid monthly to the spouse who holds primary custody of the child. Child support is intended for basic provisions like food, housing and clothing, health insurance medical care and educational costs. Child support is chosen based on each parent’s monthly income and expenses. Centered on this financial information and the sum of time each parent spends with the child, the court uses a formula to allocate child support.

Protective Orders

If you are divorcing on the basis of physical or verbal mistreatment, you can protect yourself and your children with safety and restraining orders from Brian Walker Law Firm PC. These orders keep you detached from the abuser in order to stay safe. Though a protective order can’t fully prevent someone from stalking or injuring you, there are serious consequences for disobeying the order. Our family law attorney can help you establish a protective order for the Stevenson, WA, area.

Parental Rights

This usually denotes a parent’s prerogative to make choices concerning a child’s education, health care and religion. Determining rights and duties can be difficult, particularly when it comes to the parental liability of any mischievous or criminal behaviors of your child. You are only liable for your children’s behaviors until the age of 18.

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