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Whether you just got married or recently retired, estate planning can never start too early. We know that it involves a lot of complex questions about how to distribute your estate, property or assets before or after you pass. If you need estate planning for your property in Battle Ground, WA, we recommend looking to the estate planning attorneys at the Brian Walker Law Firm.

In order to help our clients in Battle Ground discover better financial safety, we offer excellent advice and reliable financial plans. When you sit down with us, we will take you through the steps of planning your estate like listing assets, naming beneficiaries, and deciding on distribution. Estate planning with one of our attorneys will ensure your property and dependents will have a future after you’ve passed away.

The staff at Brian Walker Law Firm in Vancouver, WA offers wealth management and estate planning to help you handle your resources intelligently and stretch it for years to come. Make sure your estate and assets stay in the right name before and after you’re gone. Speak with one of our estate planning attorneys at Brian Walker Law Firm.

Trusts and Wills

Trusts and wills are both excellent for making sure that your assets are distributed specific to your request in the case of your death. There are a few variations between the two, and they each provide their own benefits. Wills are a legal document that protect the property and people you leave behind at the end of your life. This agreement outlines your wishes for managing your estate and property following your passing. If you avoid creating a will, important decisions regarding your estate will be made by another person, likely a relative or legal representative. Along with handling your wealth, a will designates a guardian for any children you leave behind.

Trusts are entities that hold assets for the benefit of a certain person/persons or entities. The attorneys with Brian Walker Law will help you decide what kind of trust is best for you depending on your needs. We can help you set up the management of your assets during your lifetime, and plan for their distribution upon incapacity or death.

Power Of Attorney

There are different kinds of Power of Attorney and The Brian Walker Law Firm specializes in a variety of them, such as Financial Powers of Attorney and Health Care Powers of Attorney. Power of Attorney is designed to allow one party make important and often grave decisions for another party. You can set Power of Attorney to only go into effect in certain scenarios or conditions for yourself, a spouse or even children. While it can be difficult to discuss, establishing Power of Attorney can help put the decision making power in capable hands when it’s needed most.

Estate Planning Consultations

At Brian Walker Law Firm, our estate planning attorneys are proud to serve clients from Battle Ground, WA. When you come into our Vancouver office for a consultation or any appointment, you can expect honest and courteous treatment from our entire staff. Whether you need an estate planning lawyer for yourself or a family member, let us assist you with an individual consultation. Contact us today at 360-695-8886 for more information.

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