Criminal Defense Attorney in Vancouver, WA

The criminal defense attorney at Brian Walker Law Firm, PC, offers quality representation, so you can avoid spending time behind bars or facing other serious consequences. No matter what charges you face, we’ll protect your rights when you need a skilled and professional criminal defense lawyer on your side. Criminal charges could have some life changing consequences, so it’s important to have legal guidance to minimize the damage criminal charges could have on your family, job or freedom. Schedule a consultation at our law office in Vancouver, WA, to learn more about your options.

Common Criminal Law Offenses

If you’re dealing with criminal charges in the Vancouver, WA, area, get legal defense as soon as possible. Our criminal defense lawyer will discuss your case with you and come up with a strategy to achieve the most favorable results. We’re well-versed in criminal law and have successfully negotiated a plea in abeyance, reduced or dismissed charges, and avoided jail time.

Criminal law defense lawyer Vancouver, WA

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Know Your Rights Under the Law

You only need to prove who you are when you’re pulled over but aren’t required by law to say anything further. Federal law protects you from incriminating yourself by giving you the right to remain silent or give limited information. Even law-abiding people need a criminal defense lawyer for legal advice, whether you have broken the law or not. Beyond refusing to speak, you can deny permission for an officer to search your house or car. However, if you begin to talk or give permission to search, any information found could be used against you in your trial. When in doubt, it’s best that you deny a search without a search warrant and call our criminal law defense attorney to act on your behalf.

Why Choose Brian Walker Law Firm PC?

We can help you overcome criminal charges in Washington state.

At Brian Walker Law Firm, PC, our criminal defense attorney will work hard to protect your rights and thoroughly investigate the event that led to your prosecution. Any criminal charge of any severity needs a competent and experienced attorney to fight it out. Our law firm was established in 2010 and we have extensive experience in criminal law. If you hire our criminal defense lawyer, you can have peace of mind knowing that a capable attorney is working hard for you. No matter the charges you face, we will work hard to get the best result possible. We know the emotional and mental strain a criminal lawsuit can have on you as you go through the proceedings, so meet with us right away.

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Get in touch with our criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation. During your meeting, we’ll answer your questions and address any concerns. Our clients are our top priority, so you can expect to receive accurate advice every step of the way. If you’re dealing with criminal charges, protect your rights and your future by hiring our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Call us at 360-695-8886 today to schedule a free consultation.