Criminal Defense Lawyer for Portland, OR

When you face criminal charges, the case you present the judge could be the deciding factor between getting a lenient sentence and spending time behind bars. The defense lawyers at Brian Walker Law Firm PC specialize in criminal law matters in the Portland, OR, area and surrounding cities. Even if you are dealing with less serious criminal charges, like a minor drug possession, you are still in jeopardy of jail time. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side that can present a favorable argument before the court will make a big difference in your case.

We take the time to inform ourselves with the facts of your case in order to evaluate your possibilities and construct a strong legal defense. It is important that you understand your rights and legal implications when you are being investigated for criminal activity. Getting a criminal defense lawyer to handle your legal situation is an invaluable asset to have. Brian Walker Law Firm PC knows what it takes to prepare for criminal law cases of all kinds and help you avoid further complications.

Common Criminal Charges

The criminal law defense attorneys at our office have extensive knowledge taking on a multitude of legal issues, like traffic violations, shoplifting or vandalism. We have successfully represented clients throughout Portland who are dealing with criminal charges of varying degrees and severities. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or serious felony, we understand how to request a plea in abeyance or negotiate shorter jail sentences if any at all.

Some of the common criminal cases we see include:

  • Drug Possession and Paraphernalia
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
  • Assault and Battery
  • Crimes Against Children
  • Reckless Driving
  • Traffic Crimes
  • Fraud and Forgery
  • Theft and Burglary
  • Grand Larceny
Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland

Brian Walker Law Firm PC helps clients throughout Portland with criminal charges. In many cases, court appearances may not be necessary when you have a lawyer that can represent you. Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced in drafting legal briefs and gathering supporting evidence to prepare you for trial when necessary. We have experience with simple charges and more complex criminal law cases. No matter the gravity of your situation, we are ready to guide you through every step of a legal proceeding in a Portland courtroom.

Identification? Not Necessary

If you are familiar with your Miranda Rights, you know that you have the right to remain silent. This is in reference to the fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protects citizens from incriminating themselves when they are charged with crimes. So, you are not required by law to answer all a police officer’s questions during a routine traffic stop and you have the right to an attorney’s legal counsel. Furthermore, you are free to leave the scene if you aren’t being detained or arrested.

If you are accused of committing a crime that you are innocent of, you should hire a qualified criminal law defense attorney immediately. Lawyers are required to keep up with continued legal education, so they can provide their clients with accurate legal advice. This is important since criminal laws are always changing depending on the state and other political factors. The nuances of law, procedures and regulations in Portland make criminal cases a thing best handled by competent defense attorneys.

Sometimes You Should Talk to Police

Although there are times when silence is the best policy, other times it makes more sense to answer simple questions posed to you by police. This reduces complications and can sometimes avoid escalating the situation. However, there are instances when it is a little vague whether you should give a response or not. In times where it is not so clear cut, an expert lawyer that is well-versed in criminal defense will let you know when to remain silent and when to provide information.

We can help you put together a well thought out response that won’t implicate you in any criminal activity. Because a criminal defense attorney understands the law, they are better able to decipher between what is need-to-know information and what may result in further problems. A lawyer can represent you in a criminal law matter and speak on your behalf to avoid any misunderstandings. That is why it is better to trust legal professionals to handle the situation if authorities ever question you.

Question Permission to Search

Likewise, you may deny a police officer entry into your home or turn down their request to search your vehicle. The reason you should decline a search when possible is because anything they find can be used against you in Portland courts. Criminal defense attorneys are familiar with these types of situations and would generally advise against providing permission. This includes denying permission to search your cell phone or other electronic gadget.

Law enforcement may search your property only if they have your permission or probable cause and a warrant to inspect your possessions. That means if a narcotics dog smells a substance on your property or you attempt to flee the scene of a crime, police have enough reasonable suspicion to do a search. They would simply show a writ or warrant issued by the judge and it would legally allow them entry. If they don’t have such a document, then you are within your rights to deny this type of action.

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