Why Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you fall into legal trouble, it is very important that you hire a criminal defense attorney to defend yourself. In many situations, a defense attorney has the expertise to protect your rights. Public defenders are conscientious, experienced, and...

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Co-Parenting Tips For Recently Divorced Parents

We've attempted to provide some insight and tips on co-parenting children for recently divorced couples and we hope that this post helps bridge any gaps in parental communication. Just because parents have chosen to live separately does not mean that children cannot...

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What You Should Know If You Are Arrested?

Can Cops Arrest You Without a Warrant?For the most part, a warrant isn't required to arrest someone if there is a reasonable justification that an individual has committed a crime. If you are detained by the police, you should ask why you were stopped and...

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3 Ways To Reduce Financial Stress

Amidst the global pandemic we are facing today, finances have become a matter of concern for most people. While it is bound to happen, considering the uncertainties of today’s economy, worrying about money still does not take you anywhere.You can...

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How Stay-At-Home Orders Are Affecting Child Custody

Life has almost come to a halt for Americans since the outbreak of COVID-19. People have been asked to stay-at-home unless they have to do something necessary, such as visiting a doctor or buying groceries. Going to work is also prohibited for all except...

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How can I protect myself from fraud?

Fraud can occur anywhere, to anyone, and at any particular time. Chances are, you’ve probably received a few ambiguous phone calls, encountered fake online ads, fraudulent emails, deceitful posts on social networking platforms, or maybe someone has come...

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The Financial Side of Navigating A Criminal Charge

A criminal charge can impact one’s life today and for years to come and should be averted at all costs.Are you charged with a crime and wondering what impact it will have on your work and life? Read on to know how a criminal record can affect your...

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Hosting A Holiday Party? Tips To Prevent Drunk Driving

Hosting a perfect party is a job mastered only by some people. Many party hosts fail to understand that a gathering is not merely about enjoyment, but about having fun and being safe as well.People who drive while being intoxicated are risking their own...

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