How Does Divorce Affect Children?

Divorce comes with its own set of problems for the two people splitting up; however, more issues arise when children are involved. If you are thinking about choosing divorce or are in the process of getting divorced, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for...

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What to do if You are Pulled Over For DUI

When it comes to getting pulled over for a DUI, many people have misconceptions about how the process works, what their rights are, and what they should do. We’ve outlined a few things to keep in mind during this situation. Keep reading to learn about your rights and...

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How to Cope With Divorce

Divorce is different for everyone that goes through it. The feelings you might experience may depend on your relationship and how things ended. Regardless of the details, divorce is a hard thing to go through. It's something you cannot fully understand or empathize...

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Washington State DUI Laws and Penalties

Washington State's Laws forbid a person from operating or being in physical control of a motorized vehicle with: Blood alcohol level of .08% or greaterA THC concentration of 5 nanograms or more per milliliter of bloodWhile under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or...

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6 Tips to Help Your Child Through a Divorce

Divorce is upsetting to everyone involved. Everyone is forced into a new routine and routine that disrupts the "normal" they're used to. Every divorce situation is different, and every child handles divorce differently. One child can be seemingly unaffected by it...

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Estate Planning Basics You Should Know

Common Estate Planning Documents A lot of documents make up an estate plan, and different people have different needs! This being said, some of the most common estate plans are: ● Guardianship● Will● Trust● Financial Power of Attorney● Durable Power of Attorney●...

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The foremost step in safeguarding your legal rights should always be to consult with an attorney, and a good one.

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