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If you’re feeling inundated with debt in Longview, WA, and can’t seem to find a solution, then you need to seek some financial assistance. Rather than letting things get worse, you can count on the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Brian Walker Law Firm PC. We can provide you with some helpful financial advice and legal representation. Our bankruptcy attorneys are adept in the field of credit and repayment, and we can provide you with the tools and information you need to get back on track. With the assistance of Brian Walker Law Firm, we can help you improve your financial situation through better planning and restructuring your debt. Since there are many aspects to bankruptcy, it’s beneficial to have the experience of a bankruptcy attorney on your side, and Brian Walker Law Firm can help you with that. 

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

If any of the instances below match your existing circumstances, then bankruptcy may be your only logical choice:

  • You are unable to pay utility bills
  • You have medical bills you cannot repay
  • Your house is about to be foreclosed
  • Your car is about to be repossessed
  • You have been unemployed for months and can’t pay off debts

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as “straight” bankruptcy, eliminates most of your debts, with some exceptions. It’s likely that some property will be repossessed, but you’ll be allowed to keep some essentials to keep a standard way of living.

Sometimes your property will be reclaimed to pay your creditors. However, some states permit the filer to keep their vehicle, clothing, jewelry, life insurance, retirement plan, etc., but this can change significantly from state to state. Items are appraised first before the judge makes a verdict on what property is exempt and non-exempt. The filing cost is different in each state.

Call Us for Help

After deciding to file for bankruptcy in Longview, WA, it is best to discuss it with a lawyer ahead of time. Bankruptcy is complex and you have to deal with creditors. Before you decide to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call an attorney at Brian Walker Law Firm PC. Various issues can arise when it comes to valuing a home and other items, and a qualified legal representative can help you find a way through the situation.

Get in touch with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After hiring an attorney from Brian Walker Law Firm PC in Longview, you can direct your creditors to us, so they stop calling you. Our fees are reliant on the specific case it is and its complexity.

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The foremost step in safeguarding your legal rights should always be to consult with an attorney, and a good one.

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