If you fall into legal trouble, it is very important that you hire a criminal defense attorney to defend yourself. In many situations, a defense attorney has the expertise to protect your rights. Public defenders are conscientious, experienced, and affordable. The decision to use a private criminal defense lawyer can give you an advantage whether you are charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or serious driving offense.

1. A private lawyer will prioritize your case

Public criminal defenders often juggle an enormous caseload, which limits their ability to devote significant quantities of time to any single case. As a general rule, the Public Defender’s Office must take all cases where a defendant meets the required financial criteria. Client meetings often involve rushed communications in the hallway of the courthouse on the day of scheduled hearings. A private criminal defense attorney will have a much smaller caseload than a public defender. The criminal defense attorneys at Brian Walker Law Firm PC devote more time to building a strong defense strategy for clients and are more available.

2. Make the choice of the lawyer

A very important drawback to relying on public criminal defenders is that you do not get to select an attorney after conducting an interview. You will not be able to make an independent determination regarding the attorney’s skill, experience, personality, demeanor, and other relevant factors. While opting for a private criminal defense attorney, you have the right to choose the right lawyer for your case when you hire one on your own. The likelihood that you will achieve the best possible outcome given your circumstances is greater if you hire your own attorney since he or she will work hard to achieve this goal for you and you know that they have the required skills and experience to run your case.

3. Get extended resources for your case

Although public defenders typically are committed and experienced, they face financial constraints that limit the resources they can devote to a case. While a private criminal defense lawyer will explain the cost of representation before you retain their firm, you have the power to authorize the attorney to spare no expense in providing the most zealous defense. In addition to having more time to devote to your case, a criminal defense attorney will also bring a tried and smart support staff working on your case.

Whether you have been charged with a crime, implicated in a crime, or simply are asked to answer a few questions from the police, you should have a criminal defense attorney by your side. This will ensure that your rights are being protected in all circumstances and you do not accidentally implicate yourself. If you find yourself involved in a criminal case, make sure you are properly protected by contacting the professionals at Brian Walker Law Firm PC.