Can Cops Arrest You Without a Warrant?

For the most part, a warrant isn’t required to arrest someone if there is a reasonable justification that an individual has committed a crime. If you are detained by the police, you should ask why you were stopped and if you are allowed to leave.

What to Do During & After Arrest?

By law, if officially arrested, you might be needed to be photographed as well as fingerprinted later on. Whenever given a citation (for infractions & misdemeanors), it is lawful to be asked of you to sign it. By doing so, you recognize its receipt and guarantee to show up at a future court date. However, it isn’t in any capacity an affirmation of guilt. In any case, refusal to sign a citation may allow the officer to arrest you lawfully and charge you with an extra misdemeanor for refusing to sign.

Even though you are assumed innocent until proven guilty, and you may have done nothing bad, you must act properly and responsibly. Attempting to flee or oppose arrest may bring about extra charges, for example, making a minor issue become an unlawful offense.

You Have the Right to Talk to an Attorney

The police must tell you that you have the right to talk with a lawyer after you have been arrested. If you choose to talk with a lawyer, the police may not ask you anything about the occurrence until you have had a chance to speak with a lawyer.

You Have the Right to Be Presented Before a Judge for Addressing Your Release

If you are captured and put into prison, you have the right to be brought in front of a judge to address your detainment and set bail or the conditions for your discharge. This for the most part happens somewhere in the range of 24 and 72 hours of your capture.

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