Tomorrow is never promised! But having a legally binding last will and testament will ensure that all your worldly matters are settled according to your wishes when you are not capable of handling them yourself!

When you are young, own very little to worry about, and are far away from the old age, you may not feel the need of writing a will. In fact, for many people, the thought of death is morbid, and the idea of putting one’s dying wishes in black and white appears to be a very uncomfortable thing to do! However, life’s unpredictable, and this requires us to be prepared for any unexpected turns such as injury or illness or sudden death.

What Does It Mean To Be ‘Dead Intestate’?
Dying without a legal will or only with an informal declaration means that the intestacy laws will guide the estate distribution and other matters, which may not be in line with your wishes. Even if you don’t own much in the name of valuables, other problems may surface. These include family conflicts, broken or unfulfilled promises, your loved ones going through the ordeal of state probate courts, and hard decisions about your funeral arrangements!
Regardless of your age or finances, having a will is inarguably the most appropriate thing to do for yourself and the people related to you! Although individual situations may differ, here are a few reasons why having a will is important. And also how a last will and testament can give you a sense of peace and security now and can save your loved ones a lot of challenges later!

1. To Manage Your Estate Distribution
Being a legally binding document, a will allows you to make appropriate distribution of your estate among your loved ones. You can specifically determine when and how much each of your friends and family members will get, and on what conditions. If you have been supporting your ex-wife/husband financially, a legal will helps you secure their entitlement in your estate without any expensive court battles and family conflicts.
You also have the liberty to disinherit any individual out of your will who may otherwise be entitled to receive a share of your estate if there is no will to guide the court! You can appoint a trusted executor/power of attorney of your choice who will ensure that all your bequests and debts are settled responsibly.

2. To Ensure That Your Dependents Are Cared For
In case you have dependent parents or minor children, you would want to pick a guardian by yourself instead of leaving this sensitive matter to the court’s discretion. Your last will and testament allows you to make better provisions for your dependent loved ones and make sure that they are looked after by a person you trust!

3. To Minimize The Legal Troubles For Your Family
Regardless of how much of the property needs to be settled, all estate matters go through the probate process (a court-supervised process that includes the collection, management, and distribution of the deceased’s property). However, having a legal will smoothens and accelerates this process by informing the court how the estate owner wanted his possessions to be settled.

4. To Make Your Personal Wishes Known And Fulfilled
Although you may find this a harrowing affair, it is advisable to get your burial wishes known to your loved ones (sometimes they can be different from the family customs). Also, if you own any pets or have any other personal obligations or wishes, your legal will can also include directions about their settlement.

5. To Let People Know Your Wishes For End-Of-Life Care
A living will or advanced healthcare directive is designed to dictate how the medical decisions should be made for you, in the event you can’t communicate them yourself. Should the doctor continue with intensive care treatments, chemotherapy, or other therapies when hope of survival is bleak? You can guide your family members and the treating doctor in many such critical medical conditions. You can also select a health care agent who knows your wishes and can make crucial medical decisions on your behalf.

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