Going to file a divorce? Keep your social media activities in check! You never know how an innocent Facebook post can be used as evidence against you in the court.

Social media has infiltrated every aspect of our lives so much that it can now have legal ramifications! Also known to be a common source of conflicts and disparities in marital relationships, your social media activities can now also lead to potentially detrimental outcomes for you in the divorce proceedings.

Your Online Life Can Derail Your Offline Divorce

When discussing important matters such as child custody and support, alimony, and property division, there is a good chance that the need to get a favorable settlement will urge your spouse to act cunningly. To get the upper hand in the case, your spouse may dig deeper into your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even your e-mails to look for information that can weaken your stance. Even the strong privacy barriers may not ensure that other people, especially mutual connections, will not put the word out about everything you share in your digital sphere. One can gather a strong trail of evidence which you may find difficult to explain away in front of a judge!

Discovering Assets Or Income

Even though both the parties have separated and also have disconnected on all social media platforms, one can still keep track of the other’s life. Discovering that the estranged spouse, claiming to be financially limping, has just returned from an extravagant excursion can be a strong clue about his or her real financial condition. Among many possible explanations, this can also mean that he or she has got a raise in salary or has an undisclosed source of income! If such information is gathered through any personal messages or social media posts, the consequences can be hard to handle!

Dating Information

Couples getting a divorce must act responsibly during the separation period as their mistakes can impact the divorce case and the financial obligations of each party. If anyone is found to have had intimate relations outside of the marriage in the past, this gives the other spouse the benefit of seeking a no-fault, non-consensual divorce. Also, the case of infidelity on the part of one spouse saves the other spouse from the burden of spousal support payments or alimony. In fact, the accounts on multiple dating sites are vulnerable to a simple screenshot that can be used as evidence in the court!

Social Media And Child Custody

Social media accounts are a reflection of your individuality. And any objectionable information extracted from your social media activities can seriously harm your child custody case. Even a small event can be blown out of proportion and can bring suspicion and doubt on your parenting abilities. Getting tagged by a friend in photos of you enjoying drinks can be used against you to support your spouse’s claim of your excessive alcohol consumption or reckless partying habits. Also, posting any information online that doesn’t align with your recorded legal statements or contradicts them can put you in a tough spot!

Making Derogatory Comments Online

It’s only prudent to maintain a safe distance from your soon-to-be-ex-spouse both offline and on the social media platforms if you don’t want to attract legal consequences, let alone all the unnecessary stress and arguments. True, you may feel wronged and the urge to blurt out everything burdening you can be hard to resist, but keep away from posting any disparaging comment on his or her Facebook wall. The settlement of a divorce case also depends on how parents treat each other, especially in front of the children. Any display of aggressiveness or hostility either in person or through the social media channels is only going to play out against you!

Thankfully, all of these complications associated with social media can be avoided by using one’s discretion. The golden rule: keep a low profile, play safe, and think before you post! It is best to hold off posting any sensitive information until your case is settled. And posting anything about your ex or the divorce proceedings should be avoided altogether!

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