Summer vacation is the most anticipated time for children. Whether five or fifteen years old, kids of all ages dream of having a fun time off of school. However, in families with divorced or separated parents, planning together harmoniously for your children’s vacation becomes a seemingly insurmountable challenge.
But remember that your children’s happiness should be the focus which must not be overshadowed by the bitterness and challenges surrounding your divorce. You and your ex should be able to sideline the differences and put your best foot forward to make the vacation time relaxing for everyone.
To make the task of planning easier on you and your former spouse, take note of these four tips that will help you prevent disagreements and counter the various challenges with maturity!

Be Specific While Creating Your Parenting Plan

Although your divorce may address custody and time sharing of children, it may not always be accommodating with the changing needs and circumstances. The best solution to avoiding custody disputes during the summer holidays is to work out a clear and precise parenting plan together. Structuring a clear plan for holidays and other special occasions around the needs of both the parents will prevent you from entering into a tug of war at every step!

Communication Is The Key And Do It Proactively

Although your vacation plans comply with the parenting agreement, it helps to be respectful and let your former spouse know of your plans ahead of time. Disclose all the crucial information of your trip such as the destination, duration, and how your ex can stay connected with the children during the trip. This will give the other parent ample time to express his/her concerns and avoid any last minute disputes.

Always Be On Time

Be mindful of your mutual parenting schedule and commit to it with all your heart. Don’t keep the other person waiting when it’s time to pick-up or drop off your children. Frequently failing to be punctual can not only lead to heated arguments but will also have you dealing with the contempt of court.

Maintain Proper Custody Etiquette, For The Sake Of Your Children!

When contentious relationships end in a divorce, letting go of grudges and resentment is hard to do. You may frequently question your ex’s parenting abilities and be stressed about his/her contribution financially. But refrain from voicing your concerns when your children are around all excited for the vacation plans. Keep a clear line of communication and work together on developing an amicable co-parenting settlement. Bad mouthing your former spouse in front of your children, putting a clear display of animosity towards him/her, or disparaging his/her rights as a parent will only make the situation worse for everyone. For the sake of your children, try to keep your cool, stay consistent and reasonably flexible so that you can find solutions that work for both of you! And never ask your children to make difficult choices or use them as messengers.

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