Adoption is beautiful as it brings immense joy to your family as well as to the little one coming home! However, adoption is a big decision. You would need to deliberate about the life-altering events that come with it. Introspection and reflection are essential to know yourself and determine how well you can keep up.

Whether, you considering growing your family through adoption, or are considering placing your baby for adoption, you have to be ready and have given yourself the time and space to make this big decision. 

Here is how you can reach a conclusion.

Are You Ready To Place Your Baby For Adoption?

Separating your baby and letting him or her go to another home is a heart-wrenching situation for any mother. But can you live with this decision for the rest of your life? Ask yourself these important questions to know if the choice is right for both you and your baby.

  • Are you being pressured for adoption? Choose adoption only when you truly believe that it is the right thing for both you and your baby. But never let anyone talk you into doing this. Don’t let your family or anyone else pressure you into giving up your child.

  • Consider open adoption if you can’t totally detach yourself from your baby. Severing all ties with the child after the adoption is difficult for many mothers. If this rings true for you, consider open adoption where you can still have some level of involvement in the child’s life. However, try to visualize how this situation can change after some years. The adoptive parents may move to another city or may not feel comfortable with frequent visits. If you are going into it assuming that you will get to see your child multiple times every month, then this is not the right choice for you.
  • Are you confident about the adoptive family? Feelings of sadness and fear of separation are normal once you have chosen the family. However, if you sense something is wrong, listen to your intuition. On the flip side if you are uncertain about your decision, it’s time you reconsider it.

Should You Adopt A Baby?

Whether have chosen adoption as an alternative to giving birth or you have this strong feeling to give the gift of home to a child, everyone has their own motivation for adopting a child. However, make sure you are not adopting a child for any of these reasons listed here.

  • Your child needs a playmate: Adoption is not the best choice if you are just looking for someone for your child to play with.  If that is the only reason you are considering adding another child to your family it may be better to help your child bond with the neighborhood children or consider putting your child in playgroups or activities clubs. Adopting a child is about much more than finding a playmate.
  • Fear of being left alone in old age: Some parents grow fearful of being left alone in old age as their children will grow up and leave. Some choose to expand their family by giving birth while others think of adoption. Adoption is about fulfilling the child’s needs and not the other way around. Try other practical ways to cope up with your fear of having an empty nest.
  • Infertility: Not being able to give birth to a child can leave both the man and the woman devastated. Even if you know that you will pursue adoption to build your family,  you may will grieve the loss of your dream of biological children and have not made your peace with it. Give yourself some time to grieve. The process of adoption can be full of ups and downs and be emotionally stressful and difficult. Giving yourself time can help ensure you are ready to pursue adoption.

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