Getting back to normal life after a divorce can be a strenuous task, especially when you have children to take care of. This becomes even more difficult in the holiday season when gifts, family gatherings, and old traditions come to the forefront. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be asking yourself how you will get through the holidays during such a complicated and stressful phase.

With careful planning and effort, you and your family can easily sail through the holidays while having a good time together. Here are a few tips for you to survive your post-divorce holidays and do it well.

Plan Ahead

Plan things out with your ex-partner in advance. Make a list of activities that you need to do for the holidays and create a schedule for them. Work out exactly where your children will be during what times and how these changes will take place. Ensure that you delegate the tasks properly, as this will help your children feel more secure while making things less frustrating for both of you.

Create New Holiday Rituals

Create some new holiday rituals and traditions that all of you can enjoy. Brainstorm with your kids to come up with new and unique ideas for the celebration. For example, you can decorate your house together on a specific day every year, or plan for some adventurous activities like skiing, paintball, and hiking. Let your creativity flow and you will see yourself enjoying holidays way more than you expected.

Remember It’s Not About You

Think of your children first. Talk to your co-parent about how both of you are going to handle the situation. Be respectful to each other in front of your children. Encourage your children to have a blast with the other parent during holidays. This will make them feel more comfortable and create an amicable environment for all.

Reassure Your Kids

If your kids are young, they may not be able to understand the full consequences of your separation. In such case, it is your responsibility as a parent to reassure and comfort them. Help them put their feelings into words. Tell them that they have your support and that you love them. Your reassurance will keep their anxieties at bay and help them enjoy the celebrations.

Ask For Support From Friends And Family

It is better to be upfront with your friends and family about the situation and ask for help. Rely on them if you are feeling isolated, lonely or depressed. Don’t get overwhelmed. It may happen if this is your first holiday season after a divorce. Remember, you deserve love, appreciation, and words of understanding, and there’s nothing wrong in asking for that.

Be Realistic

“Picture perfect” holidays are usually just an illusion. Don’t stress yourself with the expectations of doing everything right. Instead, be flexible and go with the flow. The separation may also mean decreased financial means and free-time. So, keep that in mind as you plan things out for the holidays.

Go Easy On Yourself

Consider holidays as a time of forgiving and fresh starts. Do everything that makes you happy. Eat well, get proper sleep, exercise a lot, or listen to music. It will maximize your ability to cope and bring you peace. Remember, this is a much-needed break for you, and you deserve it!

One Holiday At A Time

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the entire holiday season. You have to tread slowly, one holiday at a time. Focus on one occasion and plan for it. Keep in mind that it’s okay if everything doesn’t go as you plan.

In the end, treat holidays as an opportunity to get accustomed to the new lifestyle. This is the time when both you and your ex-partner can set boundaries and think together for your child’s future.