If you’re ever charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it can be a scary experience. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is careless, irresponsible and dangerous.

This poor decision to drink and drive has ripple effects not only for you but those people that could be hit by your attempt to drive. If you do end up getting a DUI, here are six things that you should know:

No. 1: Cooperate

If you are pulled over by local police under suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you need to cooperate with them. Do not try and talk your way out of it and do as the officer says. Many people have tried to explain their way out of these situations and end up arguing with the officer. Remember that your lack of consent can affect you adversely later in court.

No 2: Understand your car will be taken

If arrested and charged with a DUI, the officer who pulled you over will transport you to the police station while calling a tow company to impound your car. You are responsible for the release of your vehicle, but you will be given information to know which impound lot your car is located.

No. 3: What will happen at the station

When you get to the police station, you should expect to wait for several hours for processing. If this is your first DUI, you should expect to wait longer. They will get your fingerprints and mugshot photo taken by an intake officer. After all of that, an investigator or another police officer will question you about the circumstances surrounding your DUI. During this time, you will be given the opportunity to contact your attorney if you feel you are wrongly accused.

No. 4: Time spent at the police station

The time you spend at the police station following your DUI depends on certain variables. For example, the location of your DUI, your age, your criminal history, the severity of your intoxication, among other things will be examined. No matter what, you should be prepared to remain at the police station for a minimum of several hours before the logistics of your DUI charge are settled.

No. 5: The sentencing

When charged with a DUI, you will most likely be required to appear in court and receive your sentencing. You will have the option of using your own attorney or being appointed one by the court. Remain calm and respectful during the court proceedings. Answer any questions truthfully. If you miss your court date, you can be assessed with a warrant out for your arrest.

No. 6: Potential reprucussions

There have been many people charged with a DUI that are required to complete community service or other programs. If you are required to attend a class and to service, make sure that you complete them as soon as possible to move on from this chapter in your life.

Additionally, the DUI charge will probably stay on your record for several years, if not permanently. Potential employers will be able to view these records before they hire you. If you are planning to look for a new job shortly after, make sure to be upfront and honest about your DUI charge. It is better to explain the situation beforehand than appear to be covering it up.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, give our team a call, and we will properly represent you in your defense.