Signs to file for bankruptcy

If you find yourself struggling with debt, the good news is that you are not alone. The chances are that you probably know a friend, neighbor or relative that has had trouble managing debt and one time or another. In fact, they may even have filed...

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7 Tips For Dealing With Divorce

There's no easy way to go about getting a divorce. You had planned to have a life full of happiness with your significant other, and something has happened to where that is no longer a viable option. If you are having a difficult time going through this process and...

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Steps in Appealing a Court Conviction

If you're wrongfully convicted of a crime, what are you to do? Is this the end of the line? Do you serve your time and try and get your life back in order? In many cases, you don't have serve time for a crime that you didn't commit, that's why there is an...

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What can happen when you’re charged with a DUI

If you're ever charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it can be a scary experience. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is careless, irresponsible and dangerous. This poor decision to drink and drive has ripple effects...

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5 Helpful Tips if You’re Arrested

Many people are arrested for a wide variety of offenses across the United States. However, many of these people aren't aware of their rights in these situations and end up having a harder time clearing their name because of it. If for whatever reason you...

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Signs to File for Bankruptcy

It’s no secret that many American families are struggling with debt. Whether it be from trying to get a better education or trying to live a lifestyle that cannot realistically be maintained, Americans are dealing with a lot of debt in different ways. When...

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How to Help Children Cope with Divorce or Separation

A divorce or separation is a highly stressful and emotionally disturbing experience for everyone involved, but it can often be devastating for your children, turning their whole world upside down. At any age, it can be traumatic to witness the dissolution...

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Preparing For Your Initial Consultation

Everyone is nervous about their initial legal consultation and besides, why shouldn’t they be a little worried about meeting their next probable lawyer? An initial consultation is a time to transfer vital information and evidence across to the lawyer. We...

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How to Enjoy the Holidays and Stay Safe

This is the season to be jolly, to have a merry old time with friends and family and to partake in the festive spirit that is so symbolic of this time of the year. However, just as there is the chance to let loose and have fun at this time of the year,...

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